July 18, 2024

Sunday Night always meant a Movie!

We didn’t get to watch much TV growing up, but Sunday night was special. When we were very young, it meant a Disney movie on .. I forget which network … and then when we got older .. PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre. Now on our own, it means HBO’s Succession and Ballers and doing laundry.

But let’s go back to when I lived under my parent’s roof, this brings us to today’s featured trailer and commentary. This came to our attention a few days ago, as I have seen many things for movie tie-ins over the years … We are all familiar with fast-food tie-ins, candy tie-ins, soda tie-ins and of course the toy tie-ins but Downton Abbey has unleashed an old school one … a Crane’s Stationery tie-in?!?

Now those of you not from the greater North-East-New-England-East-Coast-Eastern-Seaboard-area might not know Crane’s Stationery as well as you should. But this staple of America stationery has been around since 1770 and hails from Dalton, Massachusettes. All of United States Paper currency is printed on Crane’s paper (you can take a tour but they won’t show you the secret formula for currency) that is why our money feels different than other currencies. But I digress … here is the unusual tie in:

Though unusual, we give them ‘props’ for trying something out of the ordinary with a motion picture release. Also this wouldn’t be DailyTrailer without the teaser or trailer so, the teaser …

Downton Abbey Movie Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

Check your local theater for showtimes as they went from series to the Big Screen (another unusual turn of events for Downton Abbey) … But tonight for realz on Masterpiece Theater is The Durrels in Corfu:

The Durrells in Corfu – Official Teaser from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

Looks very fun and is available on PBS site or app. Love to you all and Happy Sunday Night at the movies! – DT

And to find where all your favorite shows and movies are at any given time …

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