July 18, 2024

Thank You For Smoking (not literally)

I’ll bet you $10 that all of you can smell this trailer. I smoked cigarettes for a couple of months just so I had an excuse to take a break at my waitressing job. Didn’t really like them, but I joined the “cool kids” there for a while. Didn’t really like that either.

Thank You For Smoking is a great comedic satire grappling with human nature and what we’re susceptible to. Have you ever stopped to think about just how much advertising and marketing controls what we think and do? The only reason people thought cigarettes wouldn’t give you cancer was because they LITERALLY didn’t know it would do that at first. Where I come from in the South, the Marlboro Man was a figure everyone wanted to be like. Now you can’t watch cable television without one of those dramatic commercials trying to convince you NOT to smoke, which ironically are paid for by “big tobacco.’ Oh, how the tide turned– or did it? Like the one of the blonde teenager reading off a “contract” devoting her life and body to “you,” but then the paper contract rolls into a cigarette. Kinda funny. But crazy to think about!

Let me not start on all that, though. That’s a rabbit hole of disaster. Enjoy this witty trailer, though:

Thank You For Smoking Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

Anybody else notice that in this entire trailer, not once did we see someone smoking? I haven’t seen the full movie in a VERY long time, but I don’t think I remember seeing anyone smoke throughout the film. Funny how all the promo and movie posters for this film only have Nick Naylor’s character holding the lighter– never actually smoking himself. Comment below and tell me your thoughts on that.

Don’t smoke, y’all. Just don’t do it.


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