April 1, 2023

The Fall … because it’s fall

There is a much better trailer in this series, THE FALL, then what you see below .. the series is good and well thought out and you learn who the killer is in the first few minutes so no spoiler alerts or anything.

The Fall Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

I am wondering why Netflix put nothing into the title graphics, it could have been so much stronger. But despite the weak trailer – it is is still worth a look.

Another great series from Netflix but don’t be fooled by the pace (it took me 7 episodes to really catch!!! yes, 7!) is The Killing ….

The Killing Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

As I say, give it time … lots of time .. it is worth it! Well acted, well scripted based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen … it is dark and plodding so stick with it.

And a note of caution – don’t binge these two – they get into super dark territory and the dark side of human nature … and maybe don’t even watch these series back to back – throw something happy and carefree into the fall mix! We will post some carefree titles soon! Love, DT

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