September 19, 2021

The Martian – Inspiration 04/22/2020

"I'm gonna have to sceinece the s#!+ out of it"

Looking for a little more inspiration on Wednesdays during this Covid-19 crisis. I don’t know why but Wednesday’s are particularly hard here in quarantined NYC and this made me think of Matt Damon ‘quarantined’ on Mars in The Martian.

This was a fantastic trailer and the movie was inspiring too. It left me in tears on several occasions about the way humanity comes together in times of crisis. Humans can be AMAZING! And I cheered at the screen as if I was at a football game in Fall.

The opening line of this trailer sums up the way I feel the world is coming together for our city and others wounded as badly as we have been by COVID-19. Keep your thoughts and prayers and good intentions coming!

Check it out .. cut by Giraonomo …

The Martian Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

Stay sane out there in your quarantines! Stay Safe! Send love to one another and encouragement!

Love from New York City!



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