July 18, 2024

Wednesday (Constitution Week): Turn

AMC had a show about pre-constitution days and how we got to that point of actually writing the Constitution. There was a bloody war that was fought and that is where Turn starts

We really enjoyed this show Turn at DailyTrailer and in fact we want to watch it all over again and before I knew I actually could stream it free with my cable AMC subscription I bought the first 3 seasons on Amazon … that is why we can’t wait for Vuniverse so that doesn’t happen again (buying something I already own).

Highly recommend the series … here is the trailer below:

Turn: Washington’s Spies Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

So if you want to utilize the subscription services you already have and not buy something that is streaming somewhere you already have access to … sign up for VUniverse and join VU-ers who are saving time and money with this new app!

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