July 20, 2024

Judas and The Black Messiah: Fri. Sept 24, 2021

This trailer is catchy from the very first note! After watching it, you will be saying “I am  … a Revolutionary” with the best of them. I often say it walking down the street. Eh. It’s New York – no one cares what I mutter to myself. And probably ’bout time for another revolution.

Maybe it is the times we live in (but this is set in the late 1960s) but it seems there is nothing new under the sun. From this very emotional trailer it seems like the police have turned a states witness. Hmmm. and infiltrated a group in order to set something up. 

This is an amazingly well cut trailer – from the opening to all the beats the editor hits along the way, keeps the viewer coming back for more.  And on the re-watchable index, it is a 10! So rewatch it a few times … see even by the 10th watching your blood still chills at the 1:21 second mark when he nails that “I AM” on the podium. 

Such a powerful moment where in the 3rd act of this trailer they could go soft but they don’t it comes right at ya even harder! Well done! 

“You can murder a freedom fighter BUT YOU CAN’T MURDER FREEDOM!” 

I am … a revolutionary! Amazingly well crafted! Can’t wait to catch up on all my films but especially this one!

Signing off from NYC! Viva la Revolution! 

M1 for DailyTrailer!

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