March 28, 2023

Sept. 23, 2021: Too Soon? Vivarium

I WANT TO WATCH THIS SO BADLY!!! and it keeps coming up in conversation … twice in the last week – I have said you have to see this Trailer: Vivarium. Not sure if how I meant it though … as it looks like a living nightmare – as it is supposed to be.

To be fair, one time was when my siblings had gathered and were lamenting that their kids were returning to school and they would soon have an empty house and the second time was someone had taken me on a house tour of NEW HOMES in the suburbs … eeeekssss … I kept saying from each pre-fab home to the next – This reminds me of that Trailer … Vivarium .. I’m glad the home builders had no idea what I was talking about cause I don’t think they would find it flattering if they did.

A key line that I kinda live anytime I venture out to the country is “I’ve never heard such silence” but now I am regretting ever uttering those words as Con Edison has seen fit to dig up my street 3 different times this summer – the stereotype of NYC with jackhammers I have lived through this entire summer. 

A very poignant covid line from the trailer: “people like to be alone sometimes, not be with each other all the time” yikes we all went through that these last 18 months – try that in a 2 bedroom apartment with no yard. So I get the appeal of the suburbs – it’s not a bad word.

I know i know before I get the backlash from folks in the suburbs – i get it – life is great out there – you get to mow a lawn – you have a garage – this film appears to be a metaphor and I can’t wait to find out what that metaphor is! Maybe tonight … if only I knew where it was playing?

So excited to be posting again!  


M1 from NYC

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