March 28, 2023

Candyman: Oct 4, 2021 Day 4/30

Oh I was just thinking about those silly dares we did at summer camp and sleepovers and at school. And then they take and make a movie of one of them. What were we thinking back then – if half what we thought would happen …  did happen … we would all be in a lot of trouble!!! actually dead. Here is the take of a childhood dare made into a film by Jordan Peele’s company …. 

I like how the editor John Cantu, opened it up with the high school girls – ’cause I can so relate to that and then brings the artist “in search of” but as in most horror movies I am always like “why are they doing that?” or “Why are they going in there?” … or “Who would do that?”. If I were to craft a horror script, it would quickly resolve itself to … ‘and they turned around and went home. The End.’

"Don't. Don't say that."
Smartest Lady
In the Trailer!

So I was happy to see a character I can relate to make the trailer … the woman who specifically says ‘don’t say that’ – she makes the most sense! So it was super refreshing to see – common sense in the horror genre! I am rooting for her! Those high school girls got what was coming to them … anyhow … 

We are gearing up to all sorts of fun for the season in New York and is great to get a head start on the adventures harkening back to scary lore from our childhoods. 

Can anyone explain to me how ‘light as a feather stiff as a board’ actually did work? Don’t get me started on the Quija board – oh and ours was ‘bl–dy M-ry’ see I STILL won’t even say that aloud or type it!

Signing off from NYC!

M1 for Daily Trailer!

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