April 21, 2024

Feb. 3rd, 2024: Babe

Did you know that the first Saturday in every February is National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? Well, today, we have a cinematic treat that’s just as sweet as that indulgent morning scoop! Join us as we revisit one of my all-time favorite movies, “Babe.”  But fair warning: after watching this heartwarming trailer, you might think twice about enjoying a plate of bacon ever again!

"Now I just have to figure out where I fit in!"
Cutest Pig
"All a nice little pig like you need to do is ask"

Babe always had that endearing charm when he asked for ice cream for breakfast. I wish the filmmaker would consider taking on the challenge of adapting “Animal Farm.” Though the thought of it turning too dark is a concern, it’s surprising that this classic story hasn’t been brought to the big screen yet. “Four legs good, two legs baaaad” – a powerful mantra that deserves its cinematic moment. Let’s hope someone takes up the task and brings this iconic tale to life.

Until that day comes, we’ll keep our eyes on the horizon for more great trailers.

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The DailyTrailer Team

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