Dublin Murders: Oct 15, 2021 Day 15/30

So I am at my in-laws house and my brother in law was talking about this great book he read called “In the Woods” by Tana French. And I was like they made that into a movie or series and I pulled up a trailer called “The Woods” which turns out to not be the book at all. Watch below:

So we watched that trailer for the Netflix series and I was like wait – that’s not it – I know I KNOW I saw this plot in a trailer and then I found “Dublin Murders” on Starz and that is the series they made the Tana French novels into. It is unfortunate the two titles and series get conflated in my head – actually they both look good and I may wait to get the Start subscription until I have time to binge their other series … like the Scottish time travel one everyone raves about .. Outlander?  I always say “Highlander” and those apparently are very different shows! And I already have a Netflix subscription that I should use more!

Now I am torn between watching it and reading it … B-in-Law says the books are so good that I may put it off watching til after I finish them  But it won’t stop me from watching this trailer over and over again. 

The use of the Billie Eilish song is amazing! Looks like a great series to watch on a dark and cold October night. 

But alas it is warm and a beautiful day as I am in the South!

Signing off from the low country!

M1 for Daily Trailer!

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