April 1, 2023

#Horror: Day #10: Unsane & A Cure For Wellness

@MoringBrew made us aware that today is National Mental Health Day and we all could use looking after the most important organ of the body and hub of the nervous system. So in the spirit of looking after our brains, and keeping in tune with the Halloween (#Horror) season, here is a great trailer starring the Queen (Claire Foy) herself:

Unsane Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

Unsane was cut by @BuddhaJones for Bleecker Street. And this one is … best seen on the small screen!

And since we already posted Shutter Island as a warm-up to the season, here is A Cure for Wellness. This tv spot/trailer debuted at the Super Bowl of that year and was quite the show stopper. The sing-songy lullaby will stay in your heads for days!

A Cure For Wellness, cut by @TrailerPark for 20th Century Fox … a lyrical trailer that is super stylized but the movie’s 3rd act may leave you scratching your head and wondering if someone shouldn’t have taken another pass at the script. The trailer did the best it could with the material given.

Love, DT!

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