February 28, 2024

No Man’s Land: Fri. Oct. 1st, 2021 Day 1

One of the great equalizers of humanity is film.  Seeing films from other countries helps us to realize and relate that we are all the same, same triumphs, same hardships … same horrors!  This series from Russia for Channel 1 is a pretty gruesome reminder that even crime is ubiquitous. 

No Man’s Land seems to nod it’s head to the Silence of the Lambs but more in the tradition of those dark Danish series we have all become enthralled with over the last few years of excessive series binging. The editor Artemii Shevchenko is very adept at cutting horror and thriller trailers – we will be seeing more from him this month.

Two years ago we kicked off 30 days til Halloween with 30 days of scary trailers … this year we will do the same BUT no repeats from that year – it will be a challenge. 

As you can imagine we didn’t do 2020 because well … 2020. Enough Said.  So Russia’s Channel 1 will kick off our 30 days til Halloween with “No Man’s Land”. Can we do it again?? It gets intense … but we will prevail! 

Enjoy the first chilly weekend!


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