June 13, 2024

Nov. 2nd: Coco – Day of the Dead Musical Dreamer

We are 2 for 2 on the difficult entrepreneurial life/course load with yesterday’s as ‘writer’ and today’s the musician’s path! and it is November 2nd, the day of the dead so we had to go with Disney’s Coco! What an enchanting trailer so we went with 2 of them!

The first one up is from Trailer Park .. called “A Feeling” …

And the second one is from Create called “Belong” both adorable and filled with that entrepreneurial spirit  … as well as other spirits! 

"No one was going to hand me my future, it was up to me to reach for my dream and grab it tight and make it come true!"
Ernesto de la Cruz

Thank you Ernesto de la Cruz for inspiring us in Entrepreneur month! Enjoy your Day of the Dead celebrations! and if you still have Halloween candy left, you have more self control than I ever did! Double Kudos!


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