June 12, 2024

Power … Nuclear Power: Chernobyl

Run, don’t walk, to see Chernobyl it is amazing but do yourself a favor and space it out the way HBO released it – don’t binge it. Each episode of this mini-series needs to be savored and reflected on. Some say the best thing HBO has ever done?!?  The Posters,  the trailers – all spot on and amazing. I think the amazing thing is how this got made – if we think the era of fear and intimidation is over – think again – I am glad the Russians are doing their own version of it – will there be more secret tapes? More found footage? A new scientist to weigh in? Who was this American lurking around Chernobyl?  This is what happens in a culture where you fear speaking up and speaking out .. in a world like that, disaster is right around the corner.

Jared Harris is a tour de force and the surrounding cast is equally fantastic! Some of the most haunting imagery you will see on the screen. Trailer is done by Motive for HBO.

Chernobyl Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

Watch Now on: HBOnow

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