Red Dot: Oct 8th, 2021 Day 8/30

International Fridays or Foreign Film Fridays! Here is Red Dot in out day 8 of 30 for #Horror. It is funny is I am all aboard for the concept of this … camping out to see the Northern Lights but as soon as the sun sets, i would be so freaking scared.  This poor couple man – looks like all fun and games until the local looney tunes come a calling.

I definitely will watch this one – maybe even tonight – it reminds me of that Bear film out of Canada years ago – great trailer, simply made and extremely thrilling and scary.

Signing off from NYC where we will never see the Northern Lights no matter how many times you ask everyone to turn off their lights or if we have another blackout! I can travel to Iceland much easier than if the power goes out. That was fun for about a day the last time!


M1 for DailyTrailer!

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