March 28, 2023

TENET: Friday, March 5th, 2021 in NYC!

Glorious! Glorious! Glorious Day! It happened! It finally happened – I got to see Tenet on the big screen – yes in 70MM print at the Village East by Angelika! I held out and didn’t watch it on my small screen and I am glad I did as today was amazing. Chris Nolan is a big-screen director and that is the only way to see his films!

Nice trick too @ChrisNolan to direct something I have to see twice! AND I WILL!! So today’s trailer is: TENET

TENET – WB final Trailer from Daily Trailer! on Vimeo.

I remember them teasing the trailer in subway stations back last February. Man, it has been a year!!! I can not wait to go see more in theaters. I even got on 2 subways to go catch this print and I live 2 blocks from 3 theaters – so you know I was excited about this!

I am still working through the stunt driver coordination and mind bending thought process behind the car chase – like none I have ever seen before – I will give it a week, read a book on quantum physics and watch Tenet again!

Happy Friday everyone and if you can return to the theater – do it!

Love, M1 for DailyTrailer
Only drawback was there were no trailers before the film 🙁 Bad Angelika Film Center – very bad!

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