March 28, 2023

The Midnight Sky: Sept. 27th, 2021

If you put a Radiohead song to any trailer, the re-watchable index goes up by a factor of 11. That is a true genuine stat! This trailer from Rogue Planet for Netflix managed to pair up Radiohead and space exploration and you can’t get more perfect than that! Watch below:

An amazing thing that the editor did was we hear a little ‘preview’ (as it were) at the :02 second mark – you hear 2 notes – just 2 – and to the trained Radiohead ear and auditory recall being as strong as it is the human brain, naturally the brain engages to think it will hear something pleasant and to ‘stay tuned’ but then the editor goes off and has different music altogether – nice trick! And then brings it back in :23 seconds and then at the :33 mark, he/she makes it sound like it is coming through a space suit – extra nice ‘props to you’ sound genius! I enjoy this trailer immensely – it combines so many of my favorite things: space, great music and emotional heart strings AND most importantly the desire to see the movie! Did I say ‘favorite things’????

Sorry I had to do that … ‘favorite things’ makes me break out in Sound of Music song! Hmmm Julie Andrews is now competing with Thom Yorke in my head … should make for some interesting dreams!

Signing off late from NYC!

M1 for Daily Trailer!

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