March 28, 2023

The Way Back: Sun. Sept. 26th, 2021

Sunday nights are for a bit more of a somber tone as we get ready to start the work week all over agin.  Here is a little gem that may have missed your ‘watch list’ .. The Way Back. This indie nugget starring Ben Affleck looks to be a hard hitting drama. 

It also looks to be a double redemption tale .. maybe even triple. I have often mentioned how fond of Ben Affleck I am when he is behind the camera – well, he earns respect in front of the camera this time too.  Apparently he did this right out of rehab and for anyone who has had to deal with any sort of addiction, you know that removing yourself from the temptation is half the battle. So for an actor to put himself back in and around substances speaks volumes to the lengths he respects his craft.  

I don’t want to hear any feedback about his personal life – that’s not what we are talking about here.  As a filmmaker, just treat each movie for what it is and leave the personal drama out of it.  Hats off for tackling the difficult unpleasant topics that we often don’t want to look at. 

Can’t wait to tuck into this story and maybe find redemption for some of my own demons.

The music was unbelievably well chosen for this cut. Amazing eyes and ears of the Statement Advertising team. Let Warner Bros. know you just sold them another download of “Heavenly Father”. Super catchy and emotionally stirring.

Going to get some fresh air on this amazing fall weekend! Happy Sunday everyone! 

Enjoy the work week!

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